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I am going to move in with Jake. I had second thoughts for a while. Its not that I didn't want to, more so that alot of people are talking about it. It's not that big. I mean I've known Jake for like 3 years. He is a funny, nice guy. I don't get why Stacey doesn't like him. Maybe I'm missing something. I don't know anymore.

This doesn't mean that I'm not moving in with him and this Kate girl. I definitely am. It gives me an excuse not to find my own place. :) I shouldn't even worry about this. One thing that got me totally confused is on Cassie's journal. She made us all cast members from Laguna Beach. I was Kirstin aka the bitch. I am perfectly okay with being Kirstin. She's cool. It's just that Cassie is LC and Jake is Stephen. Now forgive me if I'm wrong (Even though I know I'm right. I watch this show all the time), but in the show Kirstin is like in the way of the whole Stephen/LC relationship. Does Cassie think that by moving in with Jake, I'm in the way of her & Jake? I so didn't mean it like that Cassie.

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